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Just trying to improve my art so I can make a living being anti social! Art above by Socky Thomas! Found in any of these https://picarto.tv/SockyChannel https://twitter.com/socky_cheeps http://omg-socky.tumblr.com/ http://braindeadcomic.wixsite.com/socky

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Posted by holikrep - June 3rd, 2019

Been seeing so many around so I decided maybe it would be good to make one myself ;u; )/

I'm still learning what exactly it is but from what i'm aware it's a place people can go to support creators ;; which sounds super helpful ~ I don't expect anyone to donate but I figured i'd make one since it's also easier for some people to pay through for commissions and such ~

ko-fi.com/lucateal you can find mine here if ever needed ;u; )b thank you for the support <3


Posted by holikrep - January 23rd, 2018

Hey all ;u; )/ just wanted to put this here on the chance anyone has an interest in watching speedpaints! 
I've recently been recording/streaming commissions and editing then uploading em to youtube so if you caare to take a look here are my videos!


Feedback and tips are always welcome ;u;

Posted by holikrep - June 9th, 2017

Hnn so excited to post this *u*)z my friends and I finally finished up the visual novel demo and made a kickstarter! 
Details as well as a link to the demo page are all on there ;u; I'd appreciate it a ton if you guys checked it out or even helped spread it maybe? ( That is if you know anyone interested in visual novels or are yourself quq ) Thank you YuY <3

Posted by holikrep - March 4th, 2017

 This isn't about my thoughts on it ;; i'm simply interested in getting one and curious on those who have one's opinion on it so far~

My income is super limited and i'm sure it'd take me a while to make the money for it but i'm considering it and would like to know if anyone regrets their purchase so far or if you find it worth it ;~;?

I've never played a zelda game before (i've seen gameplay though ;n; )b) and i'm interested in making this one my first ;-;

Posted by holikrep - January 27th, 2017

Just wanted to make an update on what's going on since the last time I posted it wasn't the best bit of news/information ~ So thank you @JustAPunnyGuy for reminding me! I appreciate it

My family is currently able to make ends meet and it has been a nice breath of fresh air, we're slowly getting past the struggle and settling down after what feels like over 3/4th's my life. I can't really imagine what it'll be like to not constantly worry about our financial state! Hopefully i'll get that chance though if things continue this way.

My mom is heading back to work and my dad graduated from his CDL training so he's got new job opportunities that will hopefully suit him better! Super proud of both of them ~ I'm still struggling with my own joblessness so the commissions i've been receiving lately have helped a lot! It's also nice to be pushed to continue to improve in one way or another with my art.

Nothing awful has come up lately either so i'm currently just enjoying a calm state around the house~ I hope everyone is doing well or also coming into their own and finding a comfortable place in life!


Posted by holikrep - January 8th, 2017

I'm still working on two commissions currently, and to both of you who commissioned me I apologize again for the time it's taking~ I had a lot more to do than I originally thought! and as much as I hate to take more on when I still have some to finish I just thought i'd update and say i'm taking more commissions!

I have no job so commissions are my only source of income, I live with my family because of my anxiety ( which is why I also have no job ) and the rent is extremely high for us, some times we're also unable to pay for food because of how much we need to pay each month. I also add on the luxury of internet because it's what I enjoy doing and how I occasionally make money! Unfortunately the internet bill is 106$ a month because of the fact we live in such a rural area and internet is hard to get around here it's really expensive ( at least to me) 

I've also got a boyfriend flying in from across the states to visit me next month for his birthday, and I'd really like to be able to do something for him while he's here since he's spending so much just to see me.

Currently i'm sitting at 23$/106$ for next months rent because I had to pitch in what I had for this months rent sadly so if anyone is at all interested in a commission please let me know! Even if not yourself but you think you might know someone interested in one it'd help a ton! I apologize for posting about my life but i've been super stressed about making the payment and having enough money for when my boyfriend visits!

Posted by holikrep - December 29th, 2016

 I just wanted to apologize for any lack of posting/commissions the last few days and possibly the next several as i've been in bed sick since the 26th! It's pretty awful and I hope it goes away quickly as I can barely manage to sit up for more than 30m! I know a lot of sickness has been going around so I hope everyone is doing well and i'm sorry again for any lack of posts!