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Just trying to improve my art so I can make a living being anti social! Art above by Socky Thomas! Found in any of these https://picarto.tv/SockyChannel https://twitter.com/socky_cheeps http://omg-socky.tumblr.com/ http://braindeadcomic.wixsite.com/socky

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I'm making speedpaints ;u; )b

Posted by holikrep - January 23rd, 2018

Hey all ;u; )/ just wanted to put this here on the chance anyone has an interest in watching speedpaints! 
I've recently been recording/streaming commissions and editing then uploading em to youtube so if you caare to take a look here are my videos!


Feedback and tips are always welcome ;u;

Comments (4)

i mean... i could just watch the streams... also, doesn't direct me to your channel from that link
i'll still watch it though, i'm subbed iirc.

Tfw two months late to say cause i never use ng anymore I would watch because speedpaints are cool. remade this comment to say i did use in feb but i never did anything besides comment like twice and then listen to music.

Pretty sure you can stream from Twitch to YouTube.. Twitch is a nice platform for streamers, once you get OBS (free streaming software) installed, and it's monetized over there, it's setup kinda like an RPG - the more followers, the more ad-rev. I know a lot of artists use Picarto, I guess it's been improved, but there's a better diversity of gamers and artists at Twitch.

Doesn't matter, still like seeing a pro artist at work :) even if I don't have a YouTube account

Ooh I had no idea~ I had just been streaming while also recording through twitch and then editing to upload on youtube~ although sadly I lost my editing program and don't know how to get it back/another program I should use that was as simple so I stopped quq back to simply uploading art! I do like the comparison between it and an RPG though ~ it makes it sound more appealing now LOL

That's where it's at these days. :) Good stuff. Always fun to see the process behind an artists work; it's always different.