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2017-01-08 20:11:15 by holikrep

I'm still working on two commissions currently, and to both of you who commissioned me I apologize again for the time it's taking~ I had a lot more to do than I originally thought! and as much as I hate to take more on when I still have some to finish I just thought i'd update and say i'm taking more commissions!

I have no job so commissions are my only source of income, I live with my family because of my anxiety ( which is why I also have no job ) and the rent is extremely high for us, some times we're also unable to pay for food because of how much we need to pay each month. I also add on the luxury of internet because it's what I enjoy doing and how I occasionally make money! Unfortunately the internet bill is 106$ a month because of the fact we live in such a rural area and internet is hard to get around here it's really expensive ( at least to me) 

I've also got a boyfriend flying in from across the states to visit me next month for his birthday, and I'd really like to be able to do something for him while he's here since he's spending so much just to see me.

Currently i'm sitting at 23$/106$ for next months rent because I had to pitch in what I had for this months rent sadly so if anyone is at all interested in a commission please let me know! Even if not yourself but you think you might know someone interested in one it'd help a ton! I apologize for posting about my life but i've been super stressed about making the payment and having enough money for when my boyfriend visits!


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2017-01-10 03:25:48

I'm so sorry to hear that! I'll help spread around the word for you to help! :c -hugs- hope everything gets better, had no idea things were this hard on you. I also have anxiety, and I have a series on youtube about how to fight it. Currently I'm doing a series on depression as well.

Anxiety Series:

Depression series:

Hope this helps and hang in there. Message me if you ever need to vent or talk or anything, I care about ya. You're a talented, sweet gal and I wish the best for you! :)

holikrep responds:

Ahh that's very kind of you ! I appreciate it <3 -hugs- ;u; and thank you for the sweet words ~ I'm sure things will be fine in the end! Just a bit annoying having to struggle every once in a while ( though i'm sure everyone understands that/deals with it)
I knew you were doing a series on it but I didn't realize it was also on youtube! That's good to know~ I'll have to make a playlist some time and listen in ;u; thank you for the links!
And thank you for the offer of support and venting! That's always super helpful and the same goes for you! You've been lovely to talk to and if I can ever help as well i'd be more than happy to try!


2017-01-10 04:53:05

Aww thanks <3 and you're welcome, anytime. Just finished recording the podcast, gonna post it soon before bedtime. :3 yeah I know the struggle too well, I talk a little about that in the latest BD entry (my latest submission). But yeah feel free to talk to me anytime.


2017-01-15 02:49:39

Hope it all gets better for you, ive been in this state before it sucks but you can push through it, good luck and im sorry i cant help ;_;

holikrep responds:

I appreciate the kind words ;u; )/ i'm sure it'll all be alright ~ I've already received a ton of help thankfully and at least have my bill paid off next month! and the thought alone means a lot so thank you ;u;


2017-01-27 01:40:47

Will things get better with you anytime soon?

holikrep responds:

Things have actually started to ease up thankfully~ I've luckily had a steady enough supply of commissions and my parents ended up making ends meet for at least a few more months of rent so hopefully we all get on steadier ground before then !


2017-01-27 01:48:01

good to hear. You must now update this before it's outdated

holikrep responds:

Thank you for reminding me! I will make sure and post an update soon ~ I appreciate your reminder as well as interest in the matter!