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Life/Commission Update!

2017-01-27 16:20:44 by holikrep

Just wanted to make an update on what's going on since the last time I posted it wasn't the best bit of news/information ~ So thank you @JustAPunnyGuy for reminding me! I appreciate it

My family is currently able to make ends meet and it has been a nice breath of fresh air, we're slowly getting past the struggle and settling down after what feels like over 3/4th's my life. I can't really imagine what it'll be like to not constantly worry about our financial state! Hopefully i'll get that chance though if things continue this way.

My mom is heading back to work and my dad graduated from his CDL training so he's got new job opportunities that will hopefully suit him better! Super proud of both of them ~ I'm still struggling with my own joblessness so the commissions i've been receiving lately have helped a lot! It's also nice to be pushed to continue to improve in one way or another with my art.

Nothing awful has come up lately either so i'm currently just enjoying a calm state around the house~ I hope everyone is doing well or also coming into their own and finding a comfortable place in life!



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2017-01-27 17:41:44

Your welcome lol, and good to hear everything is going better


2017-02-12 09:00:05

Good to hear things are looking up! :) Curious about the commissions you do: do you have any set rates? And how does payment work?

holikrep responds:

Sorry for my slow response! Been super busy the last few days~ and thank you for the kind words <3 I do have set rates right now~ 30-50$ for full body depending on complexity as well as if there's shading and what not quq I have other price guidelines if you'd like but that's the more basic one if that makes sense? Sorry again and thank you for asking!


2017-02-18 14:09:46

Cool, thanks for answering! As for payment: PayPal? Other? Do you take payment in advance or...? FYI I probably won't commission anything right now, just interested.

holikrep responds:

Paypal is what I currently use yeah~ Sadly i'm not available to use many other options currently ;; and I do usually take payment in advance but I can always send a WIP sketch before hand as well ;-; )b and thank you again for your interest ;u;