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Nintendo Switch/Zelda Breath of wild thoughts?

2017-03-04 16:48:15 by holikrep

 This isn't about my thoughts on it ;; i'm simply interested in getting one and curious on those who have one's opinion on it so far~

My income is super limited and i'm sure it'd take me a while to make the money for it but i'm considering it and would like to know if anyone regrets their purchase so far or if you find it worth it ;~;?

I've never played a zelda game before (i've seen gameplay though ;n; )b) and i'm interested in making this one my first ;-;


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2017-03-04 17:35:57

The new Zelda is kind of the reason to get a Switch right now. But like, if you have a Wii U, you could just get it on there. BUT all the new games will be for the Switch obviously. If you get more into Zelda after playing it, totally keep Twilight Princess in mind!

holikrep responds:

Sadly no Wii-U either currently ;; I'd probably just go switch if they're only making games for the switch from now on ~ Hnn it looks so good i'm torn on watching more game play than I already have or saving it for when I can play myself ;; and i'll definitely keep it in mind! I have a few others that have been recommended as well i'll have to try out~ ty for your input ;u; )/


2017-03-08 08:48:27

while i don't have a switch, i'm sure the new zelda is incredibly good as will be some of the newer games, but i'm also of the belief that consoles have to be bought at least 1-2 years after release, nintendo consoles more than everything as they tend to have a very minimal amount of games on release(the switch as of now has only 5 games, seriously) and they tend to get cheaper as time goes on, regardless of your interests, unless you're a superfan of zelda or a splatoon pro player, i suggest not getting it any earlier than this winter, especially if you have low income, because whatever the case, any console isn't worth it until more games come out for it, buying something without knowledge is a waste of money as you may end up not using it, so lear about other releases and when they'll come out, considering you WILL get bored of zelda sooner or later, and spending 400$ to play one game for a month or 2 isn't relaly worth it even if it is the best game ever(though online games are a bit of a weird exception to this rule)

holikrep responds:

Thank you for your thoughts on this quq it definitely helps me not be tempted towards buying one just yet~ I'll just do as much saving as I can and wait and see what comes out as well as watching for slightly better prices on them ;;
Was doing more research on the switch and i'm almost more tempted to just get a wii-u even though nothing further will be made for them (at least from what i've been hearing?)


2017-03-08 17:05:28

well it depends on what games you're going to play, the wii u should cost pretty much nothing by now(didn't check the prices yet) so if you think the console price+the games(highly suggest checking on ebay and other resell sites, in italy there's a couple very good ones, dunno about the usa) you're going to play is worth it i wouldn't say no, as for future releases, i'm not sure how long it'll be, but both the ps2 and all the nintendo consoles till now have all had releases for some time after the release of their successor,iirc for ps2 the last game released was something like 2009, for the wii 2011 i think? i'm not sure, but i don't think for wii u nothing will ever come out again, just nothing of specifically made for the wii u(and considering what a weak third party support the wii u has, that's not a lot of games to be honest).
another idea might be to buy a wii u and sell it for a 100 bucks+games when the switch gets some more stuff, and then get that afterwards, which something i know people do all the time somewhat effectively, though i'm not sure if that 'd be something you'd do(selling consoles you had and played for some time)

p.s.: sorry for the separate answer, i still have no idea how newgrounds works