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Phantom Ban Detective Agency VN Kickstarter

2017-06-09 00:13:00 by holikrep

Hnn so excited to post this *u*)z my friends and I finally finished up the visual novel demo and made a kickstarter!
Details as well as a link to the demo page are all on there ;u; I'd appreciate it a ton if you guys checked it out or even helped spread it maybe? ( That is if you know anyone interested in visual novels or are yourself quq ) Thank you YuY <3


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2017-06-10 23:07:23

Hey there, this looks great!
Were you after any voice actresses? if so, feel free to check out some of my past credits on my page, or my visual demo reel here:
Thanks, and good luck!

holikrep responds:

Hello! Thanks i'm happy to hear that ~ Sadly it's not in our current budget to have voice acting or even partial at that, but if our kickstarter does well enough I believe it's our intention to have partial! Thank you for your demo reel it'll be nice to have for future reference, you're super talented! Lovely voice ;q;


2017-07-14 17:39:13

so... it got funded. good for you guys, btw, is that the reason you're not drawing from a while? you used to put online a drawing every 2 days more-or-less, it0s kinda worrying in a way, like... artist's block? or something?

holikrep responds:

Thank you very much for that ;u;! It is partially why i've been too busy to upload/draw a whole lot lately but artist block/internet/power issues and mental health have all played a part in halting drawing and uploading things sadly ;; it's starting to pick up again but still struggling a bit